Fire Safe ANZ

Established in 2002, Fire Safe ANZ is an independently owned Australian fire protection and electrical contracting company. Our technicians service 6,500 client sites across Australia and New Zealand.

NSW Rural Fire Service

NSW Rural Fire Service the world’s largest fire service. With 70000 volunteer members, this website offers a wide range of useful advice.

Fire and Safety Australia

Fire and Safety Australia is a professional team with over 200 years of emergency training experience. Their training covers confined space training, fire safety training, fire warden training and more.

Fire and Rescue NSW

The major Fire and Rescue organization in NSW.  For highly trained professional response in fire and associated emergencies contact Triple 0.

NSW Ambulance Service

Highly trained paramedics who respond to a wide range of accident, emergency and medical emergencies. Voted as the “Most Trusted Profession”.

NSW State Emergency Service

Local heroes who respond to all sorts of man-made and natural disasters.

St John’s Ambulance

Highly trained First Aid providers at public events as well as First Aid trainers.

NSW Police Force

Always there to help in accident and emergency situations.