Evacuation Diagrams:
Evacuation Diagrams are one of the most important pieces of information for evacuation and are mandatory for all Australian Workplaces and multiple residency buildings. East Cost Fire and Safety’s design team and conduct site surveys and produce and design emergency evacuation diagrams for your site.

Working with your property team our designers can develop site diagrams efficiently and cost effectively.

East Cost Fire and Safety can provide the following:

Diagrams in A4 or A3

Supplied in PDF

Printed on Aluminium Plate

Supplied with Snap Lock Frame

Customised Logos & Format

Sprinkler and Hydrant block plans also available

Emergency Procedures:

Working with your Emergency Planning Committee East Coast Fire and Safety can develop a set of customised Emergency Response Procedures. All procedures fully comply with “AS 3745-2010 Emergency Control Organisation and Procedures for buildings, structures and workplaces”.

Topics covered in the planning include:

  • Medical Emergency Procedure
  • Evacuation Procedure
  • Fire Incident Procedure
  • First Aid Procedure
  • Civil Disorder / Bomb Threat Procedures
  • Workplace Conflict
  • Building Services Procedure
  • Emergency Needs Analysis Procedure

So, are you prepared for an emergency?

East Coast Fire and Safety can conduct site surveys and analyses and provide Emergency Evacuation Plans and Staff Training for any emergency situation.

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