Emergency Lighting Systems


The National Construction code of Australia requires all commercial buildings to be fitted with an approved emergency evacuation lighting system. All exit and emergency lights must be regularly tested to ensure that they will operate correctly in the event of an emergency.
Fire Safe ANZ tests all emergency evacuation lighting systems according to AS 2293.1 & AS 2293.2.

How do you test exit and emergency lights?

The Australian Standard dictates that all exit and emergency lights are tested every 6 months. During the test, the main power supply to the lights is turned off and the light must remain illuminated, using only the battery charge, for at least 90 minutes.

Fire Safe ANZ Electricians will test and, if required, replace all exit and emergency lighting. We can also upgrade entire buildings systems to comply with the required standards.

A compliant system requires the following:

  • Separated lighting circuit
  • Timed test facility
  • An adequate amount exit and emergency lights

Frequently encountered faults include:

  • Spent Globes / Fluorescent Tubes
  • Mixed or undedicated lighting circuits
  • Damaged fittings (hit by ladders)
  • Spent batteries

Testing Frequency: 6 Monthly