Testing & Tagging

Testing of electrical equipment and RCD’s is necessary for the safety of all persons using electrical equipment and for employers to comply with their duty of care obligations under the various Work Health & Safety Laws, Regulations and Codes of Practice.

For the safety of persons using electrical equipment, routine inspection and testing is needed to detect damage, wear and tear or other conditions which might render unsafe use. Testing for trip times and correct function is required for RCD’s.

Fire Safe ANZ carries out all in-service inspections and tests in compliance with AS/NZS 3760:2010.

Frequently encountered faults include:

  • Frayed leads and exposed electrical conductors
  • Resistance faults (shorts)
  • “Daisy chained” power boards or double adaptors burning out
  • Failed “Push Button” or “Trip Time” tests


Testing frequency: 6 monthly & annually