Emergency Procedure Plans


Working with your Emergency Planning Committee Fire Safe ANZ can develop a customised Emergency Response Plan. The plan will contain site specific information for your building so that all occupants and visitors know how to respond to a fire or emergency situation should one arise.

All emergency evacuation procedures and planning fully complies with “AS 3745-2010 Emergency Control Organisation and Procedures for buildings, structures and workplaces”.

Information covered in the emergency evacuation plan includes:

  • Building name, address and phone numbers
  • Emergency numbers
  • Names of onsite wardens
  • Contact details for all on site personal with emergency training
  • Emergency Evacuation Diagrams
  • Fire Incident Procedure
  • Medical Emergency Procedure
  • Evacuation Procedure
  • First Aid Procedure
  • Building Services Procedure
  • Emergency Needs Analysis Procedure
  • Civil Disorder / Bomb Threat Procedures
  • Workplace Conflict

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