5 Benefits Of Installing An Automatic Sprinkler System

January 31, 2020

When a blaze breaks out in your business the losses can be devastating. In 2017/18 Fire NSW responded to nearly 6,000 structural fires, an increase from the year before.

Our dedicated first responders are trained to suppress fires, rescue people in danger and minimise structural loss.

However there is only so much the fire department can do once the flames have taken hold of a building. The minutes before they arrive are crucial to protecting your people, property and contents from the devastating effects of a sudden blaze.

An automatic sprinkler system is one of the best ways to be prepared for a fire emergency.

By dousing the flames at the first sign of trouble, and relatively inexpensive to install and maintain, automatic sprinkler systems not only save lives but minimise business losses.

Here are the top 5 ways a sprinkler system can benefit your business:

1.    Automatic sprinkler systems save lives

Your first priority should always be employee and visitor safety. In a fire emergency an automatic sprinkler system suppresses flames, protecting people in proximity to fire and allowing them to evacuate safely. Because sprinklers are instantly triggered by rising heat and smoke, occupants are alerted to a fire even before they face immediate danger giving precious extra minutes to evacuate.

2.    Prevent further losses

In an evacuation you should leave all personal belongings and equipment where they are and evacuate immediately. Although those items left behind may be claimed by fire or smoke, it is not worth risking your safety for a laptop. However, an automatic sprinkler system can minimise losses by stopping the advance of fire and smoke.

3.    Inexpensive to install

Consider the cost savings in the event of a fire and an automatic sprinkler system more or less pays for itself. Even so, the upfront costs of installing sprinklers are relatively low because they are mechanically straightforward and efficient to install.

4.    Lower insurance premiums

On the subject of savings, businesses with automatic sprinkler systems enjoy lower insurance premiums. This is because fires cause significantly less damage when kept under control by a sprinkler system, reducing the likelihood of a large insurance claim.

5.    Low maintenance fire protection

Once installed, automatic sprinkler systems can last for decades so long as they are checked semi-regularly. In fact, Fire Safe ANZ are still inspecting automatic sprinkler systems we installed for clients when we started the business nearly 20 years ago. There is relatively little maintenance required other than routine checks during fire safety inspections.

How can Fire Safe ANZ help you?

The savings from installing an automatic sprinkler system can be measured in lives, downtime, and dollars.

As part of your business being prepared in case of emergency, the building should have a sprinkler system installed and regularly checked. Without it, the costs of a sudden blaze could be devastating.

Fire Safe ANZ supply, install and maintain automatic sprinkler systems as well as the full range of fire protection equipment for buildings in NSW and surrounding areas.

Our qualified installers can get you fire-ready in no time, providing peace of mind at affordable rates. Get in touch to arrange a free on-site consultation today.


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