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Protecting your business and its occupants in an emergency requires a strong, well-developed workplace emergency plan that is tailored to suit your building requirements.

Sound a little overwhelming? If you are looking to prepare your workplace for an emergency, but don’t know where to start, your first call should be to our team at Fire Safe ANZ.

At Fire Safe ANZ, our trained project managers are available to discuss and review your buildings requirements, advising you on the best fire safety equipment to suit your fire protection needs.

Let us manage your next fire safety project!

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When it comes to managing the planning, development and implementation of a workplace emergency plan, there are multiple facets to consider, including both dry and wet projects


Dry Projects

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In fire protection and emergency procedure planning, dry projects refer to any projects that involve electrical or communication systems.

Upgrading Electrical Installations

Electrical faults can often spark fires, with overheating circuit boards and frayed cords being some of the main offenders. Maintaining and upgrading all the electrics in your business will not only reduce fire hazards, but provide you with peace of mind.

Designing and Installing new Exit and Emergency Lighting

Exit and Emergency lighting is a guide to building occupants in the event of an emergency. The lighting is not connected to mains power, so in the event of a blackout – due to a fire or otherwise – your exit and emergency lighting will remain on.

Retrofitting or Replacing Fire Detection and Emergency Warning Intercommunication System (EWIS)

Your ability to react to a fire is only as good as your detection and warning methods. At Fire Safe ANZ, we can install, replace and update your fire communication systems such as EWIS.

Supplying and Installing New Fire Detection & EWIS Systems

For brand new buildings, Fire Safe ANZ can supply and install EWIS and fire detection systems that are customised to your buildings requirements.


Wet Projects

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As the name suggests, wet projects deal with the fire sprinkler and hydrant systems your building requires to contain and fight fires.

Supplying and Installing new Sprinkler and Fire Hydrant Systems

In the event of a fire, early actions with a fire sprinkler, or easy access for fire fighters with a fire hydrant are crucial in putting out the fire and reducing fire damage. With four types of fire sprinklers, there is even a solution for buildings with sensitive artefacts or information.

Retrofitting or Upgrading Sprinkler and Fire Hydrant Systems

If your sprinkler or fire hydrant haven’t been looked at since the property was built, it is time for some maintenance and a potential upgrade.

Sprinkler and Hydrant Tank Cleaning

With technology constantly improving, we are finding remotely operated vehicles incredibly useful in doing jobs that are difficult for humans to undertake, such as cleaning sprinkler and hydrant tanks.

Fire Hydrant Overhauls

 It is important to keep fire hydrants maintained to the Australian Standard so that they can function at their best when required. Every five years, fire hydrants require an overhaul, with hydrant valves rebuilt or replaced on units.

Sprinkler and Hydrant Tank Upgrades or Restorations

Having a sprinklers and a fire hydrant as part of your fire protection plan is ideal, but without water, they can’t do their job! The tanks that supply the water to sprinklers and hydrants need to be restored and often upgraded to ensure optimum performance in an emergency.

Designing and Producing Hydrant Block Plans

To meet with Australian Standards, engraved hydrant block plans are required to be installed at the front of the building and pump room where there is a hydrant system installed with a booster assembly.


Fire Safety Information

When Should I Install Fire Protection?

Rather than retrofitting your fire protection solutions down the track, property owners should engage Fire Safe ANZ to provide project management during the construction of their building.

A Fire Safe ANZ project manager can provide invaluable input into where fire protection solutions can be included to ensure the best levels of protection, customising your fire protection to develop a workplace emergency plan.

Our team are also trained to install your fire protection solutions, so we can manage your workplace emergency plan from the design phase through to installation and maintenance.


Project Management with Fire Safe ANZ

Leave your fire protection and workplace emergency planning to the professionals.

Fire Safe ANZ’s project managers are trained to provide guidance throughout each step of the project, with each step of the project undertaken to Australian Standards to ensure the best outcome for each and every one of our clients.

Contact Fire Safe ANZ today to organize your workplace emergency plan with one of our project managers.