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In the event of a fire emergency, emergency management procedures are vital to extinguishing the fire before it spreads, setting off relevant alarms and guiding building occupants safely and orderly out of the building.

Even if you believe that a fire is a highly unlikely emergency in your  business because you don’t deal with any highly flammable substances or situations, think again!

When a fire occurs, you want your business and staff to be prepared with emergency procedure plans, evacuation diagrams and training.

At Fire Safe ANZ, we will work with you to develop a customized emergency management procedure to suit your budget and specific business needs. You can rest assured that all evacuation and training provided by Fire Safe ANZ is complaint with the Australian Standard AS 3745:2010 – Planning for Emergencies in Facilities.

  • Emergency Procedure Plans
  • Emergency Evacuation Diagrams
  • Emergency Training
  • Emergency Management Procedures with Fire Safe ANZ
  • Emergency Procedure Plans

    Whether you run a business with two staff or 2,000 staff, the team at Fire Safe ANZ can create a tailored emergency procedure plan for you. Each plan is based on an assessment of potential hazards within your building, workplace and neighbouring businesses, taken into account with the size and location of the building itself.

    Emergency procedure plans are a “to-do” list in the case of a fire, providing your staff with a clear set of instructions to be carried out so that everyone can be safely evacuated.

    Plans will include site-specific information, such as building layouts showing the building exits, emergency names and contact details of fire wardens and details of procedures such as fire incident, medical, first aid and civil disorder/bomb threat procedures.

    Emergency procedure plans work most effectively when they are kept up to date, so we encourage businesses to regularly review their plans and make updates, particularly when there have been renovations or refurbishments.

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  • Emergency Evacuation Diagrams

    For those in an unfamiliar building, or even for those who become overwhelmed or disoriented in crises, emergency evacuation diagrams are a vital piece of information to have displayed in your workplace.

    An emergency evacuation diagram provides occupants of a building with information on how to evacuate should an emergency arise, with important information such as the building layout, exit lights and exit routes, assembly points, firefighting equipment, fire control rooms and emergency procedures.

    They are such integral pieces of information that they are actually mandatory for all Australian workplaces and multiple residency buildings.

    Emergency Evacuation Diagrams should be displayed in key locations where staff, building occupants and visitors can view them, positioned at a height between 1200mm – 1600mm above the ground and provide correct orientation to point occupants in the right direction.

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  • Emergency Training

    Having fire protection equipment on your property is important, but if staff and building occupants do not have the training to use it, the equipment may be used incorrectly.

    At Fire Safe ANZ, we offer training that will provide your staff with the knowledge and skills to extinguish a fire, assist in building evacuations and deal with other emergency situations that may arise.

    We can keep your staff up-to-date on fire safety techniques, such as how to use fire protection equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and fire blankets in our Fire Safety and Awareness training course.

    For businesses looking to nominate a fire warden for their building, we also offer a Fire Warden training course, which will equip key staff with the skills to deal with emergency situations.

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  • Emergency Management Procedures with Fire Safe ANZ

    Don’t wait until an emergency to worry about your emergency management procedure – contact Fire Safe ANZ today!

    Our fire safety technicians can prepare a site-specific, customised package to suit your budget and business.

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Emergency Procedure Plans
Emergency Evacuation Diagrams
Emergency Training
Emergency Management Procedures with Fire Safe ANZ


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