Fire Safety Information

When Should I Install Fire Protection?

Rather than retrofitting your fire protection solutions down the track, property owners should engage Fire Safe ANZ to provide project management during the construction of their building.

A Fire Safe ANZ project manager can provide invaluable input into where fire protection solutions can be included to ensure the best levels of protection, customising your fire protection to develop a workplace emergency plan.

Our team are also trained to install your fire protection solutions, so we can manage your workplace emergency plan from the design phase through to installation and maintenance.


Project Management with Fire Safe ANZ

Leave your fire protection and workplace emergency planning to the professionals.

Fire Safe ANZ’s project managers are trained to provide guidance throughout each step of the project, with each step of the project undertaken to Australian Standards to ensure the best outcome for each and every one of our clients.

Contact Fire Safe ANZ today to organize your workplace emergency plan with one of our project managers.