Wet Projects

As the name suggests, wet projects deal with the fire sprinkler and hydrant systems your building requires to contain and fight fires.

Supplying and Installing new Sprinkler and Fire Hydrant Systems

In the event of a fire, early actions with a fire sprinkler, or easy access for fire fighters with a fire hydrant are crucial in putting out the fire and reducing fire damage. With four types of fire sprinklers, there is even a solution for buildings with sensitive artefacts or information.

Retrofitting or Upgrading Sprinkler and Fire Hydrant Systems

If your sprinkler or fire hydrant haven’t been looked at since the property was built, it is time for some maintenance and a potential upgrade.

Sprinkler and Hydrant Tank Cleaning

With technology constantly improving, we are finding remotely operated vehicles incredibly useful in doing jobs that are difficult for humans to undertake, such as cleaning sprinkler and hydrant tanks.

Fire Hydrant Overhauls

 It is important to keep fire hydrants maintained to the Australian Standard so that they can function at their best when required. Every five years, fire hydrants require an overhaul, with hydrant valves rebuilt or replaced on units.

Sprinkler and Hydrant Tank Upgrades or Restorations

Having a sprinklers and a fire hydrant as part of your fire protection plan is ideal, but without water, they can’t do their job! The tanks that supply the water to sprinklers and hydrants need to be restored and often upgraded to ensure optimum performance in an emergency.

Designing and Producing Hydrant Block Plans

To meet with Australian Standards, engraved hydrant block plans are required to be installed at the front of the building and pump room where there is a hydrant system installed with a booster assembly.