November 16, 2016

Several Fire Safe Australia & New Zealand staff recently attended Fire Protection Association of Australia conferences outlining changes to the AS new 1670 series; the Standards regarding fire detection, warning, control and intercom systems.Important changes to the “New 1670 Standard Series” included the name changes for two important pieces of equipment.

The acronyms “F.I.P.” or Fire Indicator Panel and “E.W.I.S.” or Emergency Warning & Intercommunication Systems, which have always been core terms within the industry, have now been changed to reflect technological changes.

F.I.P. has become F.D.C.I.E.

The Fire Indicator Panel, the central processor and visual indicator of a detection system that is connected to all field detection devices (smoke and heat detectors etc.) will now be known as an F.D.C.I.E. or “Fire Detection Control and Indicating Equipment”.

E.W.I.S. has become E.W.C.I.E.

Emergency Warning & Intercommunication Systems are the central control element for all alarm tones and warden intercommunication points.  They connect the building together in an emergency so that clear communication can be achieved.  An E.W.I.S. will now be known as E.W.C.I.E. or “Emergency Warning Control and Indicating Equipment”.

Other Changes to the New 1670 Standard Series

Other important changes to the “New 1670 Standard Series” included outlining the term “transmission path” that will allow for the development of systems that utilise wireless technology and advanced data cabling.

More information regarding this change will be supplied in a later article.

If you are interested or concerned about your companies compliance and would like to contact our team to find out more information in fire detection and warning systems or advice on any other Standards, please visit our contact us page.


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