Emergency Procedure Plans

In the event of an emergency, it can be easy to become flustered, disoriented and confused, especially when there is no formal plan or warning system in place to instruct you what to do.

The key in an emergency is to be prepared with an emergency procedure plan from Fire Safe ANZ.

At Fire Safe ANZ, we can develop a customised emergency procedure plan for your business; the plan will contain site-specific information for your building so that all occupants and visitors know how to respond to a fire or emergency.

All emergency evacuation procedures and planning provided by Fire Safe ANZ fully complies with Australian Standards – AS 3745-2010 Emergency Control Organisation and Procedures for buildings, structures and workplaces.

What does an Emergency Procedure Plan include?

Effectively planning for an emergency involves many facets, including first aid, evacuation and fire incident plans; with careful preparation and planning, a finalised emergency procedure plan will assist building occupants in a variety of emergency situations.

Site Specific Details

If you need to call the police, fire or ambulance services in an emergency or you need to evacuate the building immediately, some of the first information you will need will be site specific, such as:

  • Building name, address and phone numbers;
  • Names of any wardens that are trained in the building;
  • Contact details for all on-site personnel with emergency training; and
  • Emergency evacuation diagrams.

Emergency evacuation diagrams are particularly important, as they provide staff, visitors and other building occupants with the closest exit route. While emergency lighting systems will help to guide the way, being familiar with the basic layout of the building will help you to keep your orientation if there is a blackout or thick smoke in the building.

Procedure Specific Details

Workplaces can experience a variety of emergencies, including fire incidents, medical emergencies, first aids and civil disorder or bomb threats.

In all of these situations, a specific procedure needs to be followed to ensure the situation is dealt with correctly, minimising risks, injuries and casualties.

Having this information all in one place with an emergency procedure plan will ensure building occupants can easily find important information in the event of an emergency.

Fire Safe ANZ’s emergency evacuation plans include:

  • Fire Incident procedure;
  • Medical Emergency procedure;
  • Evacuation procedure;
  • First Aid procedure;
  • Building Services procedures;
  • Emergency Needs Analysis procedure;
  • Civil Disorder/Bomb Threat procedures; and
  • Workplace Conflict and Resolution procedures.

Why Choose Fire Safe ANZ?

To create an emergency procedure plan, you need to put your trust into a company who understands your core business and your needs, who will listen to your input and provide you with a professional, completely customised plan to suit you.

Fire Safe ANZ have been trusted in Australia and New Zealand since 2002 to create tailored emergency procedure plans for a variety of clients, ranging in size from childcares through to government agencies and amusement parks.

We listen to our clients’ needs and create plans that provide our clients with the knowledge to deal with any emergency that arises in their business.

Contact Fire Safe ANZ today to find out why we’re the trusted name in fire protection services across Australia and New Zealand.

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