Emergency Response Online Management Tool

It’s time fire safety and emergency training caught up to the digital age. Here at Fire Safe ANZ we are dedicated to making life easier for building managers and business owners who are responsible for employees and visitor safety.

Our Emergency Response Online Management Tool (EROMT) is designed for emergency planning committees looking for an easier way to plan, track and manage emergency response programs and training.

So what is EROMT, and how can you take advantage of the tool to increase emergency preparedness?

Introducing EROMT for easier emergency training

The new Emergency Response Online Management Tool tracks 4 key components relevant to emergency response procedures:

  1. Facility
  2. People
  3. Training
  4. Documents

Once the emergency planning committee enters site specific details, the tool produces a full emergency response plan compliant to current Australian Standards.

Compliance with confidence

Australian Standards 3745:2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities and 4083:2010 Planning for Emergencies in Health Care dictate what should be included in an emergency response plan, as well as the requisite fire protection equipment and training protocols.

Staying compliant with changes to the Standards used to be difficult. Now thanks to the EROMT, which is built on the Fire Safe ANZ team’s accumulated knowledge and 2 decades of experience, plans are not just compliant but all in one place.

Comprehensive emergency response planning

Emergency planning committees now have full confidence when they report to senior management and boards on emergency responses. Every site is different, which is why the EROMT provides flexibility to customise templates based on specific locations, environments and workplace conditions.

All emergency responsibilities are covered, from bomb threat procedures to fuel spills, severe weather risk, structural damage and everything in between.

EROMT is designed for confidence, compliance, and ease of use.

Who can use EROMT?

Once we help your emergency planning committee to populate the tool with all the relevant information, it’s mostly over to them to manage ongoing requirements and updates. The tool is straightforward and user friendly as it is designed for use by people who may not have our extensive fire protection experience.

Of course, the Fire Safe ANZ team is here to provide training, fire protection equipment maintenance and regular equipment servicing:

Why emergency training matters

EROMT is intended to make emergency training procedures more straightforward for on-site emergency planning committees. We understand there are many facets to emergency preparedness, and the requirements change depending on site-specific information.

Any gaps in emergency procedures and training put employees and visitors at risk in case of an emergency. Using EROMT to track and maintain emergency procedures means not only maintaining compliance, but most importantly keeping people safe at work.

To find out more about EROMT, arrange evacuation training, conduct an on-site review or speak to our experienced team about fire safety at your premises, simply give us a call.


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