Have You Trained Your Staff To Use A Fire Extinguisher Recently? Here’s Why You Need To!

September 16, 2019
fire extinguisher training


A fire can quickly begin, spread and devastate property and lives if it is not stopped in its tracks; it doesn’t take long for even a small workplace fire to gain heat and ferocity, especially if there are flammable materials around.

Attacking a fire in the early stages is essential to preventing it from spreading further, which is why fire extinguishers are such a vital piece of fire-fighting equipment to have in any workplace.

However, what is more, important than the fire extinguishers themselves is the knowledge of how to use them correctly.

So although you may have fire extinguishers on-site, it is important to recognise that fire extinguisher training plays an integral role in ensuring a fire extinguisher can successfully be used in an emergency.

Why Fire Extinguisher Training is a Vital Tool to Have

Equipping your staff with fire extinguisher training is highly beneficial to the safety of your workplace overall.


Fire Prevention Knowledge

The fundamentals of how a fire may begin and learning how to recognise fire hazards in the workplace are incredibly beneficial takeaways for any employees undertaking fire extinguisher training.

 Staff undertaking fire extinguisher training learn how to prevent a fire by recognising potential risks that are relevant to their own workplace, whether it be highly combustible materials, flammable gases or even as simple as electrical faults in power boards.

By raising awareness of fire hazards in the workplace, staff become confident in identifying potential risks before they have the chance to become dangerous.


Small Fires can be Controlled Quickly and Safely

It probably comes as some surprise that fire extinguishers put out more workplace fires than the fire brigade! This shows just how powerful fire extinguisher training can be to your business or workplace.

Fire extinguisher training provides employees with the theoretical and hands-on knowledge to safely and efficiently operate a fire extinguisher in the event of a fire.

The training educates employees on when to fight a fire or when not to, as well as what type of fire extinguisher or fire-fighting equipment should be used on certain types of fires.


Essential Workplace Safety

Fire extinguisher training also teaches employees to think logically and quickly in an emergency, equipping them with the knowledge to make smart choices even when their stress levels are through the roof.

Some of the important workplace safety lessons employees will learn through fire extinguisher training include:

  • Exit routes and assembly areas
  • The location of any fire-fighting equipment (fire extinguishers, fire blankets etc)
  • Who to contact in the event of an emergency
  • Different alarm sounds and what they mean
  • Learning these skills and being familiar with them before an actual emergency can help to prepare employees for the worst-case scenario, not only helping them to escape to safety but also equipping them to help others.


Fire Safe ANZ can Train Your Employees to Use a Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguisher training can be the difference between a small fire being put out and a small fire turning out of control.

As the leaders in fire safety training and equipment across Australia and New Zealand, Fire Safe ANZ is well-equipped to train your employees how to not only use fire extinguishers but also how to prevent fires from occurring in the first place with fire extinguisher training.

Contact Fire Safe ANZ today to ensure your staff has the skills and knowledge to prevent a fire and if necessary, extinguish a fire before it takes hold of your building.


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