November 6, 2017

Fire Hydrant Repairs Required in Auburn

Fire hydrant systems are external access points that allow fire authorities to connect hoses and quickly disperse large amounts of water to extinguish flames. Because of the large amounts of water produced by these hydrants the damage which can be caused by this type of incident can be catastrophic.When a heavy, rigid truck hit a protective fire hydrant bollard it almost spelt disaster for the system and the site. It not only destroyed the bollard but also caused damage to the hydrant pillar. The Firesafe ANZ team were called and asked to action urgent Fire Hydrant Repairs Required in Auburn.

damaged hydrant systems in Auburn

The amount of damage which can occur as a result of a vehicle hitting a hydrant is determined by three main factors; system pressure, hydrant type and response time.

Hydrant systems in Sydney normally having a standing pressure of 400 – 600kpa.  This system is equipped with an automatic booster pump which can sense a drop in pressure. This enables the system to deliver over 10 litres of water per second from a 65mm fitting. The amount of water damage from a ruptured system can be incredibly disruptive to any business, not to mention the chance of property and stock being damaged.

Luckily, in this instance the system did hold despite being severely damaged.  Our sprinkler fitting team sprang into action and, within 16hrs, had completed the following;

  • removed damaged hydrant bollards in AuburnIsolated the main valve to the system and completely drained the system down.
  • Cut and removed the damaged hydrant standpipe.
  • Concrete cut and jackhammered down 200mm, excavated all concrete and removed the damaged bollards.
  • Cut and tidied the remaining pipe work, cleaned with emery paper before braising a copper roll grooved adaptor (see image above) onto 100mm hydrant supply line.
  • Supplied 100mm roll grooved standpipe and 80mm tee junctions.
  • Greased and tightened all fittings, re-pressurised system and inspected for leaks.

You can see the pictures speak for themselves – Well done again to the team!

A rapid response.
The team quickly set up the worksite to get the Fire Hydrant repairs completed.

For any hydrant repairs or to see how our essential services packages can benefit you please feel free to contact us.


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