Flow Testing in Unanderra

March 3, 2022

Showing just how versatile our Head Office operation’s team are – we didn’t need to schedule in-field technicians when the fire hydrant system at our complex required an annual flow test and survey recently.

The AS2419 hydrant system includes a booster assembly, feed hydrants, and 7 twin hydrant valves. The hydrant system is required to flow 20 litres of water per second and maintain a residual pressure of 250kpa whilst the water is flowing.

Using calibrated equipment, this test is carried out annually and in NSW is normally witnessed by the Fire Safety Assessor who will be signing off the Annual Fire Safety Statement.

As you can see the Fire Safe ANZ head office team of Brad (Ops Manager), Luke (GM) and Michelle (coordinator) had the annual test well in hand.

Great job team!

Using equipment from a spare vehicle – our HO team went to work!
Brad operates the testing equipment controls with ease.
Luke and Michelle confirming the residual pressure are correct and compliant.


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