May 1, 2018

Fire Safe ANZ’s sprinkler fitting team was called upon when an aging booster assembly and gate valve was found to be leaking. On inspection it was found that the system was not isolating the water to the hydrant landing valves on the ring main it serviced. While the late 1980’s system was still functional, this defect would make routine servicing impossible and presented a significant risk of flooding if a valve was to be struck by a vehicle. Fire Safe ANZ carried out five and ten-yearly overhauls on the entire system and resolved other issues found which included leaking hydrant landing valves and lack of plans for the system.


After checking the street mains supply, it was found that the “sluice valve” was not functioning and we were unable to isolate the water to the overall system. This meant that the incoming live pipe for the water supply had to be frozen to allow a new isolation valve to be fitted.

This was achieved by sub-contracting professional pipe freeze technicians, Bondi Pipe Freeze, to conduct a freeze near the gate valve assembly.  After approximately half an hour of applying liquid nitrogen to the incoming pipe, a block in the feed water was achieved allowing the work to commence.

Once the gate valve and booster were changed over the pipework was unfrozen which meant the site was without its fire hydrant water for a minimal time.


Once the new gate valve and booster manifold had been fitted, the team was able to continue with the overhauling of the sites many landing valves.


Hydrant Block plans are required to be installed where there is a Booster, Fire Control Room or Pump Room. These plans a designed to show the locations of wet fire equipment such as fire hydrants, fire hose reels, stop valves etc. to allow the Fire Brigade easy access to them in an emergency.

The site did not have appropriate “Block Plans” so Fire Safe ANZ’s design team produced new plans and placed them at the front of the property and within the sites pump room. The new plans significantly increase safety for the site.

Many thanks to Bondi Pipe Freeze for their help on the day and Firequip Rydalmere for manufacturing the new booster manifold.


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