August 23, 2018

In a recent article, we outlined how a submersible Remote Operated Vehicle (R.O.V.) was recently used at a Sydney site to safely and efficiently conduct a sprinkler tank inspection.  Fire Safe ANZ can now announce that Altanks have a remote cleaning unit available across Australia to clean fire water supply tanks whilst they remain in full use.

  Common problems that exist with the traditional methods of emptying the tank or using commercial divers include;

  • The fire system’s water supply tank is offline
  • Significant confined space W.H.S. issues
  • Substantial water wastage
  • The requirement to notify insurance companies of tank outage
  • Significant cost

The new robotic cleaner completely overcomes these issues as the unit is deployed into the full tank whilst still online.  The cleaning unit is used in conjunction with an R.O.V. to provide constant video monitoring and all sediment is collected into bags for safe disposal.  The cleaning is completed with the total safety of all operators involved and is approximately half the cost of traditional methods.  The practice is also compatible with PVC-lined tanks.

To enquire about this innovative technique to safely and efficiently conduct the routine cleaning of your fire supply tanks, contact Fire Safe ANZ.


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