Self-Testing Emergency Lighting & Exit Signs

February 13, 2023
App Testing - Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting testing in workplace

Emergency lighting systems are critical in the workplace to provide a path of safety for staff and building occupants in case of evacuation.

To meet Australian Standards for emergency lighting, and for a building to adhere to the National Construction Code of Australia, a working emergency evacuation and lighting system must be fitted on every storey with a floor space of 300m2 or greater.

Emergency lighting testing is also required by law every 6 months to ensure the system is fault-free.

Emergency lighting systems in Australia will only meet the required standard if they have all the required components, in reliable working order.

What does this mean for you as a building owner or tenant?

Maintaining a safe and compliant emergency lighting system requires an accredited installer and service provider to check all the technical components are functioning and reliable as per the details of the relevant Australian Standards.

Self-testing emergency lighting systems are now being specified as the preferred systems in fire emergency procedures in the workplace to ensure that autonomous and periodic self-testing has detailed results prior to your next visit for unparalleled accuracy, convenience and time-saving.

The Elumen ST range

We recommend the Elumen ST range, as there is very little set up required. After we install the emergency lighting, we use the Elumen APP on our smartphone and we’re ready for hands-free testing immediately. No more need for test buttons or 90-minute discharge tests! When the next test is due, the results will be waiting for us when we reach the site.

The Elumen ST range uses high-quality construction, lithium battery and adjustable LED lights, coupled with an incredible 5-year warranty, Elumen ST will provide years of cost-saving testing results, all at the touch of a smartphone.

Compliant with AS2293, Elumen ST is a convenient way to bring a building up to compliance where no separate emergency circuit is installed. This also means you never need to power down a site affecting your general lighting to test their lights, saving you and your client precious time, and servicing costs & reducing Work Health & Safety issues.

App Test - Emergency lighting systems    Elumen ST

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