Dry Projects

In fire protection and emergency procedure planning, dry projects refer to any projects that involve electrical or communication systems.

Upgrading Electrical Installations

Electrical faults can often spark fires, with overheating circuit boards and frayed cords being some of the main offenders. Maintaining and upgrading all the electrics in your business will not only reduce fire hazards, but provide you with peace of mind.

Designing and Installing new Exit and Emergency Lighting

Exit and Emergency lighting is a guide to building occupants in the event of an emergency. The lighting is not connected to mains power, so in the event of a blackout – due to a fire or otherwise – your exit and emergency lighting will remain on.

Retrofitting or Replacing Fire Detection and Emergency Warning Intercommunication System (EWIS)

Your ability to react to fire is only as good as your detection and warning methods. At Fire Safe ANZ, we can install, replace and update your fire communication systems such as EWIS.

Supplying and Installing New Fire Detection & EWIS Systems

For brand new buildings, Fire Safe ANZ can supply and install EWIS and fire detection systems that are customised to your buildings requirements.