Most Common Warehouse Fire Causes

April 22, 2021
most common warehouse fire causes

A busy warehouse is a unique work environment, and often it comes with its own set of potential risks and hazards when it comes to possible fires breaking out. Read on to learn about the most common causes of warehouse fires, and how to recognise and minimise risks.

Electrical and lighting

With many fires starting from an electrical fault or exposed wires, the best way to prevent a blaze from breaking out is to have a carefully followed monitoring system to repair any problems before they start a blaze. This means ensuring each component of lighting sources and electrical equipment is regularly checked and maintained, with the results recorded and monitored for regular inspection. It is also vital to have a quality fire panel installed close to areas housing electrical items.


Any warehouse with a lot of people and a busy workload is going to generate a lot of rubbish, but what most people don’t understand is the link from trash to fire hazard. Often containing combustible materials, rubbish and packaging materials need to be situated far away from any possible open flames or unmonitored heat sources. Those employees working in areas with a high volume of rubbish should have their own carefully designed evacuation plan, to ensure their safety should the worst occur and fire break out.

Heating equipment

Often covering large surface areas both industrial and storage warehouses can be tough environments in the colder months, making heating equipment essential for all the workers within. However, having old systems in place, or having these heating systems situated poorly, has the potential to result in a life-threatening fire. Having the correct fire sprinkler system installed can mean the difference between disaster, and creating enough time for a successful evacuation plan to be carried out.

Exposure Fires

A blaze that has begun in one place but transfers to another, essentially spreading the fire to other buildings, is known as an exposure fire. This is one of the most common causes of warehouse fires, and can be a deadly event should fire safety equipment not be up to standard to deal with a surprise fire. Having fire sprinkler systems situated in the right places is key, as is a fire panel equipped to deal with fires starting both inside and outside the building.

Combustible liquids

While it is important that every operating warehouse knows how to safely store and transfer their goods within, this is particularly applicable to those businesses storing combustible liquids. This can be a key source of workplace fires, and requires thorough training of each employee to ensure guidelines are followed, and no risks are taken when moving or handling these liquids. Should a fire break out everyone should know and understand their evacuation plan, and a well-equipped fire sprinkler system needs to be in place to tackle the blaze while employees leave safely.

Keep your business safe with Fire Safe ANZ 

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